With an onsite designer we are able to create a unique design for you. Entering your selected colour in a computer creating a colour which is blended exactly the same each time, insure that your brand is uniform and professionally portrait.
Professional Colour Matching
In modern day, the guessing game has been eliminated. All we do is enter you cars details and we have a perfect match each time. If you want to be an individual you can completely re-spray your vehicle in colour of your choice, of our colour swatches
Restoring your dreams
With a passion for cars and bikes we have special place in our hart for the classics. We love to restore the vehicles to their former glory putting a smile on our customers face and a beauty back on the road. We can offer you refurbishment form interior to exterior.
Baking to perfection
Believing in perfection we leave noting to chance. Having one of the biggest baking ovens in South-Africa we can bake almost any vehicle eliminating dust any speeding up the process of your much needed vehicle
Straighten any size chassis
Working on a regular basis on the larger than average vehicle, we have designed our workshop to accommodate the larger than life vehicle such as busses, trucks and delivery vehicles. So correcting your family sedans chassis is as easy as pie.
24 Hours on minor repairs
With a huge workforce and a stocked workshop we are able to reduce the turnaround time to 24hour on minor repairs. When you need to repair a scratch before anybody knows you “borrowed the bosses car", give us a call.

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